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2018 Update: To better serve you, I have partnered with an award-winning marketing agency that not only understands the event industry, works with many very large and well-known clients that everyone knows of.

This partnership provides me the opportunity to work directly with their in-house staff on your project, as one of their offices happens to be close to where I live. And what that means for you is having multiple designers, programmers, videographers, and marketers on your side to ensure we provide you the best possible service, results, and ROI.

What We Do: We provide fully managed seminar marketing and seminar promotion services for both individuals and companies. Whether you're a local or national seminar speaker who sells products or services in the back of the room, host events for CEO's, need lunch and learn marketing or other types of events, we can help you drive up your seat count and revenue.

And we're not talking about the traditional 'cheeks in seats', just to put a body in the chair...

We're talking about highly targeted and qualified individuals that not only want to hear what you have to say, but have the highest chance at purchasing a product, coaching, a service, or your next high-ticket seminar in the back of the room.

Depending on your needs, typically our seminar marketing services are full service.

Meaning, we handle....

- The branding
- Website development
- Video production & editing (explainer videos, animation, etc.)
- All of the online & off-line marketing for your event or seminar
- All direct response copywriting needed
- Landing page creation and full back-end set-up
- Online registration
- Full event reminder system (e-mails, texts, and voice broadcasts)
- Post-event follow-up
- Email series leading up to the event
- Facebook page for the event creation and content management
- 100% hands-free marketing management
- Social media marketing content and full management
- Content creation & content co-creation
- Marketing consulting
- Payment systems setup
- 24/7 telephone registrations (via local phone number)
- Plus much more...

Our seminar marketing, event marketing, and lunch and learn marketing services truly saves you time and money and offers the highest chances for you to fill your room - and then some.

You can use us one-time, or every time that you host a live event or seminar. Our ideal client is looking for a long-term marketing partner... So you can focus on your events and not have to worry about the hundreds of moving parts marketing them.

And unlike other live event and seminar marketing companies, we have zero long-term contracts or commitments, and you own 100% of the assets we create. Plus because we aim to be your long-term partner, we can assist with additional revenue generation sources and tactics, including a full back-end management system to provide monthly services, coaching, or training for ongoing revenue.


One recent seminar marketing promotion we put together to market a local seminar resulted in 500 qualified registrations, with 125 attendees showing up to the free event at the hotel.

Our client, a well-known motivational speaker and business coach, was extremely pleased with the low cost-per-seat-filled that we were able to achieve.

The added benefit is that after more than 20 split-tests of the landing page, along with 20+ ad variations, we were able to unlock the winning formula for the lowest cost-per-registration and attendee.

We now have a firmly tested, 100% proven, and highly converting live event and seminar registration system that we can take into other cities for our client as he expands his reach.

And this is exactly what we can do for your seminars and events, too.

When we begin a project with a client, we are intensely focused on:

- Learning your short and long-term goals of your seminars.
- Branding and offer (If not already developed).
- Drilling down to find target markets to market your seminar to.
- Nailing down the messaging needed to boost registrations and revenue.
- Following up to ensure the highest number of people attend your live seminar

We take the same approach with all of our outbound marketing, online and off.

Each and every single aspect of the marketing funnels are tested for conversions. From the colors, images, headlines, bullet points, videos, ad copy, and more.

We are relentless to ensure the lowest cost-per-registration as possible, while consistent daily testing drives up the registration conversion rate.

About Your Seminar, Event, and Lunch and Learn Marketing Company

As mentioned above, we have recently partnered with a local digital marketing agency to better service our clients. 100% of the work is done by our expert team here in Texas.

Additionally, because we are expert marketers, direct response copywriters, videographers, graphic designers, and website developers, doing the work in-house allows us to get your seminar marketing up and running much faster than other companies that outsource their work.

Want to learn more?

Click the button below and let's schedule a day/time we can discuss your seminars and how we may be of service.


Although I've been writing marketing copy professionally since 2003, my Internet marketing background dates back to 1999. From patenting new business models to generating 7-figures in sales in just 24 hours, I've battled many evil villains to protect and serve many clients.

If you want fully managed and exclusive seminar or event marketing services that produce excellent results (and 100% based in the USA with zero outsourcing), contact me today. Thank you for your consideration.

Whether you're a national best-selling author promoting your free seminars leading to high-ticket events and coaching... Or you're just getting your speaking/consulting/coaching business started, we're here to help you expand your audience, customer base, and profits. Let's schedule a call and we'll fill you in on exactly how our services can help you. Ultimately we aim to be your long-term marketing partner that you can count on and grow with.

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