"Rob is the 3rd best copywriter in the history of copywriting. Joking aside, I went through a very rigorous and detailed hiring process after reaching out to my entire network (which is significant in our industry)… We hired Rob.

He is a breeze to work with, his copy gets people engaged and to take action. Ask Rob for my contact info and feel free to call me so I can rave more about him and your specific needs.

Image of david gonzales from the internet marketing party who hired Rob as his salesletter copywriter.I consider Rob not only our copywriter, I also consider him a trusted asset in our industry."

-- David Gonzalez, Founder of the world famous 'Internet Marketing Party' and 'Simply The Coolest'

His hands nearly shook as he wrote his goals down in the old, weathered notebook.

The cold was almost unbearable; the heat from the oven wasn't providing much warmth.

As he sat on the kitchen floor, writing his goals for coming months down, he paused for a brief moment to take inventory of his surroundings.

His small one bedroom apartment sat still, nearly empty of furniture, but full of memories of unfulfilled dreams, goals, and desires.

Stacks of bills lined the corner of his small desk off the kitchen.

Rent was two months past due, and he was just weeks away from having his car repossessed for non-payment.

A recent bank statement showed a negative balance, followed by multiple insufficient funds fees.

Broke and jobless. But certainly not broken.

From the outside, it would have looked like the end. As if all hope was lost and the string of past failed attempts of getting out of the hole was keeping him tied down indefinitely.

But he had other plans.

He looked back down at his notebook and looked down at his goals for the next 30 days and let a small smile appear on his lips.

For some, especially given the situation, the goals were laughable. Simply a fantasy of a life so far away from the life currently being lived.

But he had no other choice. Finding another dead-end job was simply not an option.

This was his last stand.

He then stood up, walked over to his computer and went to work...

Armed with a borrowed $500 and a diet of noodles and peanut butter sandwiches, he started writing a magical letter.

Now this certainly wasn't any ordinary letter. This was his first salesletter designed to go viral.

And it did.

He worked for 30 days straight; harder than he even thought was humanly possible.

And on day 31, he looked up to see that he not only met his goal he wrote in his old notebook, but he surpassed it.

The goal was to earn more income in one month than he had ever earned in a year prior. But most importantly, create a sustainable business that would get him out of the horrible situation he had found himself in.

Because of that one salesletter, the man's life was forever changed.

Because of that one salesletter, the love of writing sales copy was born.

And because of that one salesletter and pre-launch marketing campaign...

I am here today.

Hi. I'm Rob Hawthorne and the above is my true story about how writing one salesletter completely changed my life in ways that continue to unfold 13+ years later.

From meeting my wife to meeting many business partners and making new life-long friends.

Oh, and by the way, that one salesletter I wrote in 2003 was responsible for over $1,000,000.00 in sales in a single day: The day we launched.

You see, being a copywriter was never something I set out to do. In fact, the thought never occurred to me.

However, salesletters and direct response copywriting did fascinate me.

Years ago, before the Internet took off, I used to call all of the 1-800 numbers in all of the business opportunity magazines.

Almost every single day letters and packages would arrive in the mail.

For years I read salesletters covering all topics from 'get rich quick' schemes, investment opportunities, the latest hot products, and countless business opportunities.

Little did I know that reading hundreds and hundreds of direct mail pieces growing up would somehow teach me copywriting... But it did.

Since writing my first salesletter in 2003, I have written copy for hundreds of websites.

And that includes writing just about every single piece of copy for nearly a year (website, email, launch, etc.) back around 2006 for Dr. Joe Vitale through Nitro Marketing.

We generated millions in sales. I had a blast creating unique and attention-getting launches that drove insane amounts of traffic to our sites.

But things have changed. A lot.

Attention spans have shortened thanks to social media. Video salesletters now out perform traditional long-form salesletters in many markets.

However, there are many things that remain the same... Including using words (and videos) to influence the buying decisions of a target market.

And that's the copywriting game: To take a brand new visitor to your website by the hand and guide them through a hypnotic sales process.

Whether you sell products on Amazon, physical products, digital products, host live seminars, or you offer services, nothing is going to happen until you convince someone to buy what you're selling.


So if you're serious about increasing your website conversions and skyrocketing your business, you need a heavy-hitting copywriter to sell the hell out of whatever you're selling.

Settling for second best or trying to figure it all out on your own is not only a waste of time, but it's both losing you and costing you an incredible amount of money.

The ROI from hiring a great copywriter can be astronomical for your business.

So. Now you know the story behind how I became a copywriter, let's talk about you.

I'd like to get to know you and your project. Are you looking to hire a highly experienced copywriter?

The Real Cost Of Hiring A Professional Direct Response Copywriter

I'm going to be straight up and honest with you.

It's not the actual short-term cost of hiring a copywriter you need to be concerned about.

It's how much it's costing you by not having a professional copywriter write the copy to sell your products.


You may think that I'm trying to work some of my voodoo copy magic on you here.

Sorry, buddy. I reeled you in a long time ago.

Think about it this way...

Let's say that you bought a 1964 Ford Mustang. It definitely needed some work, but it had 60 V8 2-barrel with correct date codes and casting numbers. Sweet.

Some saw work. You spotted opportunity.

You toss down $20K for the car and hire Billy Bob, a Mustang restoration expert to bring this baby back to life for $30K.

You have $50K into the car, but your head-turning show-stopping ride is now easily sellable for $70K. You just saved yourself weeks or months of work and pocketed a cool $20K.

Best of all, you did none of the heavy-lifting.

You see, it's not so much the upfront cost of a copywriter today...

It's how much you'll be earning once you have a professional salesletter written that is cranking out sales for you left and right.

So the REAL question is, how much is a salesletter worth that is converting extremely well for your business over the next 12 months? 24 months? 5 years?

To give you an idea, I wrote this salesletter 8+ years ago.

It hasn't changed one bit.

Those hand-drawn circles are even mine.

You see, the above long-form salesletter continues to bring in cash many years later.

What do you think the ROI is for that salesletter?

It's ridiculously huge.

Look. Let's make this very simple for the both of us.

You need a copywriter. I'm a copywriter.

You want more sales. I can bring you more sales.

It's really that simple.

Go ahead, click on the button below and tell me about your project.

I'll get back to you with any questions and we can take it from there.

Sound fair enough?

Salesletter Pricing

I'm just going to lay it all out on the table and not keep everything a 'secret' like I see others do.

My time is valuable, as is yours.

Let's dive in...

Unlike some copywriters, I bid on a project basis and do not charge per hour.

However, if you are willing to pay me as I wonder through the woods trying to come up with an incredible angle and hook for your salesletter, by all means, I'll take it.

Also understand that every single project is different.

Some projects require a heck of a lot more upfront research. Some projects require you and I going back and fourth in person, on the phone, or via Skype untold times.

Some projects require less upfront research but require more time putting all the pieces together.

And yes, there are some projects that are both quick to research and quick to write the copy for.

There is no way of knowing exactly what it's going to take until you submit your information and we have a chat.

However, what I can tell you is that my minimum fee for a one-time salesletter is $5,447.

Depending on over 183 factors, I may bid much higher.

And of course, there are 100 variations to this as well:

-- Do you need emails to go along with it?

-- Do you need me to design the salesletter in OptimizePress, ClickFunnels, or something else?

-- Do you have an upsell or continuity offer?

-- Do you need a script for a video?

-- Will this be a VSL? (Video Salesletter)

-- Do you need a sales funnel?

-- Do you need Facebook Ad copywriting services?

-- Do you need me to set up and manage your marketing campaigns?

-- Do you need product launch or marketing consulting?

-- And so on...

For some projects I bid for a one-time fee, while others I bid both on an upfront fee plus a percentage of sales for a period of time.

And heck, there are even projects where it makes sense where I come on board as a partner in the business.

Every project is different, just as the needs for every client is different.

Unlike some of the flash-in-a-pan folks, I'm not going anywhere.

So if I write a salesletter for you and something isn't quite working right or converting, I come back in and we'll tweak it until we nail it.

I much prefer working with clients over a long period of time rather than a "wham-bam, thanks for the copy, see you later" type of relationship.

Although... never mind....

Now I know you'll want to see samples of my work. First, go back to my home page and click around.

Next, reach out to me. Tell me about your project.

While I'm going through what you sent me, I'd be happy to send you a secret link to a bunch of salesletters, emails, VSLs, and other copywriting work I've done over the years.

I'm easy to work with and work extremely hard for my clients.

Whenever there are delays, it's because I'm waiting for something that I need to finish up the copy.

You won't find another copywriter my age that has burned more midnight candles. I can promise you that.

So, what do you say?

You ready to submit your project over to me so I can have a look at what you're up to and see if I may be of service?

Let's rock and roll.

For testimonials from a few current and past clients, check out my home page.


Being a superhero is no easy job. In between keeping the world safe for my son, I've been saving companies from poor marketing for over a decade.

Although I've been writing marketing copy professionally since 2003, my Internet marketing background dates back to 1999. From patenting new business models to generating 7-figures in sales in just 24 hours, I've battled many evil villains to protect and serve many clients.

Whether you need copywriting for your Amazon products, salesletters, direct mail pieces, or you're about to launch the next killer product, it is my mission to serve and produce excellent results.

It's not everyday that people wake up and think, "I want to hire a copywriter". (Unfortunate for me.) But thankfully, you either woke up thinking that or the thought popped into your head at some point recently. I want to congratulate you on making the right decision for your business. Now let's see if I'm a good fit for your project. Deal?

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