Welcome to my resources page. Here, you'll find the products and services that I personally use for copywriting, marketing, and launch projects for myself and recommend to clients.

WordPress Resources

WPEngine WordPress Hosting Solution

Over the years, I've burned through dozens of website hosts. It wasn't until I made the switch to WPengine WordPress hosting that my websites started to run 10 times faster without the typical headaches. Google puts a heavy weight on page load speeds and WPengine truly speeds up your WordPress website and/or blog. See their site below for latest offer.

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StudioPress: Genesis Framework For WordPress

Right now, OptmizePress does not have a viable solution for blogs, as they have been focused on landing pages and websites. So to achieve what I wanted to with my own blog, I use the Genesis Framework by StudioPress. They have many custom themes to choose form - or you can create your own custom WordPress theme. I've used hundreds of WordPress themes for blogs in the past, but I keep coming back to using the Genesis Framework.

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OptmizePress WordPress Theme

If you're looking to take your Internet Marketing game to another level besides blogging and posting on social media, OptmizePress is an awesome solution. I'm using OptmizePress for my home page and some inner-pages on this site and have created dozens and dozens of websites, landing pages, launch funnels, and membership websites using OptmizePress.

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WP Ninja WordPress Forms

Contact form plugins for WordPress can get frustrating fast. The solution that I ended up going with after using many other plugins for years is WP Ninja. It's fast. It's free. And it is super simple to use to create contact forms on your website. There are a lot of options that typically come with premium WordPress plugins. Download it. Install it. Try it. It's free.

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Outsourcing & Freelance Resources

People Per Hour

Do you have a project where you need to outsource design, development, or content? People Per Hour is a great alternative to sites like 99Designs, UpWork, and others. Additionally, if you have some creative talents, you can register and become a provider and start getting paid for doing projects for others. Worth checking out.

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List Building Resources

Aweber Email Marketing

Now that you've built your website, it's time to build your list. After all, as the saying goes, the money is in the list! Now there are hundreds of email marketing service providers on the market today, and most do pretty much the same thing. However, I have been using Aweber for many years and have never had issues with them - and their support is top notch!

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Conference Call Services

Free Conference Calling

Free Conference Calling is an excellent conference call service that really is 100% free for up to 1,000 calls. They provide you with an online interface that you can use to manage the conference call, host live Q&A calls cleanly, and also access your conference call recordings. For a 100% free service, you cannot go wrong here.

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Full Transparency Disclosure: Some of the above products listed above contain my affiliate link. If you do end up purchasing one of the recommended products or services above, I will earn a commission. Note that the above list are all products that I have used or currently use and I personally recommend them because I know they work and I spent the time researching the solutions that I needed. Definitely do not purchase anything unless you know that you are going to put it to good use for your business and/or personal life. Thank you!

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