Need To Build A Commission-Only 10-99 Sales Team? We've Got You Covered.

More Sales. Larger Margins. Less Risk.

More and more companies are utilizing the ISR (Independent Sales Representative) AKA 10-99 sales rep model to both sell and market their products and services.

From both a risk and cost-reduction standpoint, the ISR model is a win-win for both parties.

ISR's traditionally enjoy higher commissions and more freedom, while companies enjoy reduced (or zero) salary, insurance, and overhead costs.

Building a qualified virtual sales team is becoming more important than ever in today's environment. However, the #1 question on every Executive's mind is, "How do we build one exactly?"

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Your Options For Building & Recruiting An Independent 10-99 Sales Team...

Option #1

You can choose to do everything internally - or hire an outside recruiting firm.

Traditional internal or external recruiters specialize in one-to-one recruiting utilizing their relationships, complex databases, job postings, and social media.

However, when it comes to recruiting 10-99 Independent Sales Reps, traditional recruiting can, and often does, lead to lackluster results, wasted marketing budgets, and frustration.

The pool of highly skilled and qualified candidates seeking Independent Sales/Marketing Rep positions is small.

And both finding and attracting them is different battle all together.

Thankfully, for the first time, you do have another option...

Option #2

Instead of tying up internal resources, you can hire us to build out your complete Independent Sales or Marketing Representative recruiting funnel from A to Z.

Since 2003, we have been building independent sales teams to sell a wide variety of products and services. From video conferencing, credit card processing, exclusive memberships, nutritional products, to several other products and services.

We have built independent sales teams as large as 30,000 people to as small as a dozen highly qualified reps.

We completely customize your campaign based on your unique needs.

Whether you need straight recruiting, or recruiting plus training for your reps, we have you covered.

How We Can Help You Build Your Independent Sales Team

Whether you are a SaaS company, you're starting a direct selling company, or you offer a product or service B2B or B2C, our 10-99 Independent Sales Rep building and recruiting service can drive more qualified feet on the street.

Before we begin working with any client, our Needs Assessment provides us with an overview on exactly what services you need in order for you to reach and surpass your goals.

From there, we build out the outbound marketing materials needed to both attract and enroll the right types of people to your sales and/or marketing opportunity.

Because every Independent Sales Rep campaign is completely customized for our clients, you'll be provided with a wide variety of options that your prospects need to go through in order to become qualified.

From 100% online qualification all the way to a final step phone or in-person interview at your office, we will create exactly what suits your business needs.

Now as far as what happens in the background to attract and recruit your ideal sales reps...

That's where our magic happens.

Because of the relationships we've made over the past 13+ years, combined with our specific marketing tactics designed to recruit highly qualified candidates, we produce results.

Whether you need an 10-99 Independent Sales Rep in each major city in the country, or your company is looking to recruit 3,000 Independent Reps, we have the tools, relationships, and resources to make it happen.

We can create anything from a 30-day recruiting campaign all the way to an on-going campaign to drive serious sales for your products and/or services.

The bottom line is that if you need Independent Sales Reps, we can find them and recruit them for your company.


Once you submit your information below, we will speak to you on the phone to get a full understanding of your exact needs and goals.

From there we will create a proposal for our commission-based sales rep recruiting services for you to review.

Once we agree to the terms, we can get started immediately.

Simply click the button below, tell us about your Independent Sales Rep recruiting needs, and we will get back to you shortly to discuss how we may be of service.

A Few Of Our Sales Rep Recruiting Projects...

10-99 Independent Sales Rep Recruiter Project #1

This project was for a SaaS (Software as a Service) company that provided legal streaming music services online (around the time Napster was popular).

During the course of 90 days, we recruited hundreds of Independent Sales Reps and were the #1 recruiter for the company.

Independent Sales Rep Recruiter Project #2

This was another SaaS company, however, they provided B2B and B2C online video services. Within the first 60 days of the company opening their doors, we recruited thousands of independent commission-only reps.

We were so impressed with the product offering, we became reps ourselves and earned into the seven-figures in commissions over the course of six years. Much of that time we were the #1 recruiter for the company.

Independent Sales Rep Recruiter Project #3

This company provided a unique credit card processing sales model in which the company needed Independent representatives to sell their services B2B.

Over the course of 6+ months, we recruited over 1,000 reps around the country who were qualified, meaning they referred at least one customer.

Independent Sales Rep Recruiter Project #4

This company sold high quality nutritional products and during a major re-brand, they wanted to recruit a new independent sales team to resell their products. Over the course of the 90-day re-launch, we recruited hundreds of top quality reps with industry experience.

Independent Sales Rep Recruiter Project #5

This was a SaaS company that provided a unique online membership program for business owners. During the course of 90-days, we recruited hundreds of business owners and other commission-only Independent Reps to sell their membership to entrepreneurs and business owners.

Independent Sales Rep Recruiter Project #6

Yet another SaaS company that sold a membership product in the travel industry B2C. We recruited 50+ reps within the first 30 days of the company going live, which quickly turned into hundreds of reps shortly after the launch of their Independent Sales Rep model.

Other Independent Sales Rep Recruiting Projects

We have recruited hundreds of reps multiple times for companies seeking to expand their online sales channels. Another project was in the health & beauty niche and our client became the #4 recruiter in her business out of over 350,000 Independent Sales Representatives in just 12 months using our recruiting methods.


Being a superhero is no easy job. In between keeping the world safe for my son, I've been saving companies from poor marketing for over a decade.

Although I've been writing marketing copy professionally since 2003, my Internet marketing background dates back to 1999. From patenting new business models to generating 7-figures in sales in just 24 hours, I've battled many evil villains to protect and serve many clients.

Whether you need copywriting for your Amazon products, salesletters, direct mail pieces, or you're about to launch the next killer product, it is my mission to serve and produce excellent results.

Every single day companies are waking up to the fact that hiring a team of 10-99 Independent commission-only sales reps is not only more profitable, but also creates a win-win for both the company and the rep. If you're looking to build a new sales force or add to the one you currently have, let's talk.

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