Rent A Heavy-Hitting Direct Response Copywriter's Eyeballs For A Day.

It's official.

I'm very proud and honored to present to you the first opportunity to rent my eyeballs for a day.

Now some of you may opt to have me look at some strange things, just to see how I'd react.

Others may just use my eyeballs to get an upper-hand at a quick game of marbles.

But there are certainly a few of you that will use my eyeballs wisely to dramatically increase your conversion rate and sales for a product or service you are selling.

And to be honest with you...

I'd much rather to speak directly to the third group today.

If you're looking to have a professional direct response copywriter take a look over your sales copy and tell you exactly what you need to do to increase your conversions and sales, you've come to the right place.

Personally Responsible For Millions Of Dollars In Sales...

Hello, my name is Rob Hawthorne and I've been writing sales copy since 2003.

My copy has been directly responsible for many millions of dollars in sales for a wide variety of products and services sold online and off.

For a moment, please allow me to entertain myself with my copywriting brilliance. Since 2003, I have...

  • Generated over $1,000,000.00 in 24 hours for a new company launch.
  • Generated over $700,000.00 in 7 days for a physical product.
  • Generated over $300,000.00 in 7 days for a digital product.
  • Wrote the sales copy for hundreds of salesletters and landing pages.
  • Wrote the sales copy for thousands of emails and winning auto-responder campaigns.
  • Wrote sales copy for many industries including: Personal development, coaching, consulting, nutritional, health & wellness, business opportunity, Amazon listings, real estate investing, network marketing, direct sales, pregnancy & baby, housewares, crowdfunding, and many more...
  • And and on on. I can keep dazzling you with my copywriting awesomeness all day.

But I won't.

Because frankly, it feels funny as hell even writing about myself that way.

I'm certainly confident in my copywriting skills, but certainly not cocky as the above would portray.

In all seriousness, I never set out to be a 'professional copywriter'.

Some people like to collect spoons or garden as their hobby. And doing copywriting for clients has always been a hobby of mine. (I know, weird, right?)

Just something to do on the side in between other projects.

Michael, Thanks For The Idea Brother!

In spring 2016, I decided to focus more on my passions and lead more with my copywriting business.

And in doing so, Michael reached out to me and asked me to take a look over his copy and provide him a list of changes, tweaks, and ideas on how he could increase conversions and revenue.

I thought it sounded like a fun project, so I accepted.

And come to find out, I had a seriously amazing time combing over his copy. It was fun!

I created a list of all my ideas, copy changes, tweaks to headlines, new angles, ideas for a new email series, and even a new product to offer down the road.

I basically handed over 3 pounds of gold nuggets and Michael was blown away.

But then something strange happened.

While Michael was happy making all of my suggested changes and tweaks, I felt empty.

Like there was something important missing in my life or business...

Late one night, I wondered...

Since Michael asked me to review his landing page, website, and email copy for his product, maybe there are other Michael's out there?

And come to find out... There are.

Let's look at your business for a moment...

Would you have any interest in increasing your conversion rate on your landing pages?

How about your sales pages?

Want to get more qualified clicks and leads from Facebook or other types of text, image, or video marketing?

And would it help your business if your email campaigns were opened more and saw a higher number of people clicking on your links?

Having a set of experienced eyeballs go through your current copy can have dramatic and extremely positive effects on your business (and your wallet).

Sometimes you're only a few words away from a failed campaign to a profitable campaign.

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh new angle.

A new way at looking at things... A few (or a lot) of tweaks to your current copy.

And as you know, one freakishly simple idea can turn a somewhat profitable website into a "cash sucking machine" type of a website.

And that my friend, is my offer to you today...

Hire me to take a look over your ad copy, landing page copy, website copy, other offers, ads, and emails. Basically everything your have that is seen on the outside that is driving your sales.

What do you say?

How Your Life Will Be Ruined If You Don't Hire Me Today...

Now we already agreed that sometimes it's just one small change can make a world of difference.

We're marketers. We know that and have experienced it many times.

However, by not hiring me today to go over your copy and come back with something (or a TON of things) that can increase your conversion rate, you're risking more than you'd ever imagine.

If you hired me today and I was able to increase your conversions by let's say just 2%, that could mean thousands (or tens, or hundreds of thousands) of dollars annually of profit stuffed into your bank account.

If you have a younger child, that money could have been his or her college education paid for.

In freaking cold-hard cash.

Fast forward 10 or 15 years and let's be crazy and say that you didn't hire me today. Shit. Now what?

Because you didn't hire me, your kids can't go to college, and now your son or daughter is pissed at you.

Your husband or wife is pissed at you, too.

And you're pissed at yourself because you didn't hire me to review your current copywriting.

Are you really willing to put your family and yourself through that?

Are you really willing to just throw everything away and let something like this ruin your life?

Of course you're not.

You are much smarter than that, or else you wouldn't be here.

So believe me, you'll save yourself a world of trouble in the future and gain a much fatter bank account when you hire me today to review your sales copy.

You'll be happy. Your spouse will be happy...

And your kid(s) can send me a postcard from college thanking me.

We all win this way. I just don't see any other way around it.

All you need to ask yourself is, "Do I want to make my family happy with me?"

How The Copywriting Review Service Works

For copywriting review projects, I like to keep it streamlined and simple.

That way you know exactly what to expect...

... And I know exactly what I need to do to ensure I leave you completely spellbound and anxious to hire me again.

My copywriting review packages start at just $497.

An example of what this would look like:

  1. Review of your current ad copy/images/videos
  2. Review of your landing page
  3. Review of your auto-responder series (limit of 4 emails)

What you'd get in return:

  1. List of copy tweak suggestions for ads
  2. Any new strategies/directions that I have for your ads
  3. List of suggestions I have for your landing page
  4. List of changes to emails (subject and message)
  5. Any other strategies I have to help you boost your opt-in conversion rate

If you'd like to add your salesletter to the list above, then the price just goes up to $997.

However, in addition to the copywriting review of your salesletter, I will also review any up-sells, down-sells, or cross-sells you have.

The number of emails reviewed would double to 8.

I'll also provide you with any strategies that I have on how you can not only increase current sales, but also what you could do to dramatically increase the revenue in your business.

Because I've worked with countless online businesses in many different industries, I'm coming to your battle armed with a wealth of knowledge.

And yes, I'll even bring in the big guns.

Getting started is fast, easy, and simple.

Just click the button below, supply me with what I need, and I'll get back to you with the date I'll have your project completed by and the payment link.

Who would have thought renting eyeballs would be so inexpensive, right?

Well, that's because this is an introductory offer.

After my birthday I'm doubling the above prices.

So if you want your sales copy reviewed by a direct response copywriter with 13+ years of real-world experience who has sold millions of dollars worth of goodies online, click the button below right now.

And yes, I do offer copywriting reviews for pre-launches of products, services, and companies as well.

For testimonials from a few current and past clients, check out my home page.


Being a superhero is no easy job. In between keeping the world safe for my son, I've been saving companies from poor marketing for over a decade.

Although I've been writing marketing copy professionally since 2003, my Internet marketing background dates back to 1999. From patenting new business models to generating 7-figures in sales in just 24 hours, I've battled many evil villains to protect and serve many clients.

Whether you need copywriting for your Amazon products, salesletters, direct mail pieces, or you're about to launch the next killer product, it is my mission to serve and produce excellent results.

OK, Rob. You have convinced me that you know what you are doing when it comes to writing copy. And I know you'll do an incredible job reviewing my copy and providing me with awesome ideas I can implement immediately. I'm ready to submit my project to you right now.

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