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My background is writing heavy-hitting sales copy online since 2003. From time to time I pick up projects, like the ones here:

Amazon Product Description Copywriter - Full Amazon copywriting services for title, bullet points, and product descriptions offered. Services include deep keyword research on and off of Amazon to optimize your listings for the greatest exposure. Experience greater rankings on Amazon, SERP's, and more sales.

Copy Review Service - Do you already have a product or service you're promoting online, but it's not converting as well as you'd like? My copy review service is packed with real-world value backed by 17 years of marketing experience. I'll tell you exactly what you need to change or do to increase your sales and conversion rate.

Salesletter Copywriting - If you're looking for a full salesletter to sell your product or service, I've got you covered. My direct response copywriting is backed by having written hundreds of salesletters generating many millions of dollars in sales online for a wide variety of industries.

Landing Page Copywriting - Need to build a list or the first step of your marketing funnel? The first landing page I created was back in 2003, which generated over 30,000 leads in just 30 days. I've learned a thing or two since then. Not only do I write the copy for your landing page, but I can also design your page using OptimizePress or ClickFunnels.

Other Copywriting Services - Need something else? My other areas of expertise include: Auto-responder campaigns, direct mail, short copy for lead-in low ticket offers, crowdfunding campaign pages, copy for various ad campaigns, company names, taglines, and more.

Have a copywriting project in mind?


Thanks to my Marketing Agency partner, we can offer a true full suite of marketing and design services to help you sell more products and services. From simple one page websites to managing and creating multiple seven-figure marketing campaigns, we can produce serious results. Additional services offered are...

  • Custom Website Design
  • Custom Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Membership & Fan Websites
  • SEO
  • Video production
  • Social Media Marketing
  • And Much More...

You're driving down an unknown secluded road. The fog is nearly too thick to see the road ahead of you. Do you speed up? Or do you slow down in order to see what's coming?

Far too often, companies and individuals put the pedal to the metal when they are navigating through the unknown. They don't know what killed their marketing campaign (or company) until it's too late.

Having a Marketing Agency who has successfully navigated through the marketing fog countless times will save you time, money, or even a failed campaign. You need a co-pilot. Let's talk.



Are you launching a new product or business opportunity where you are relying on independent 10-99 commission-only sales reps or distributors to make sales for you?

Since 2003, I have built sales teams that ranged from hundreds to over 30,000 independent 10-99 reps and affiliates for more than 8 different companies in multiple industries. Additionally, I have been the #1 recruiter in 4 companies.

Whether you are a new direct selling company, rely on affiliate marketing, or you need a traditional B2B or B2C 10-99 sales team, I have developed my own highly unique methods for recruiting and building highly qualified teams to sell your products. Learn more...


Are you a local or national speaker? Do you need help filling a room with highly qualified individuals excited to hear what you have say, and then ready run to the back of the room with credit card in hand? Or do you host paid events or bootcamps and want to increase your revenue?

We offer live event and seminar marketing services that fill rooms. Whether you sell products or services to doctors, high-ticket products, or executive-level coaching, we can fill those seats with (butt) cheeks. Learn more...


As a company and product launch expert, I have created (from the ground up) and have been a part of more than two dozen company and product launches since 2003.

These projects have ranged from 60 days to 12 months. I bring an immense amount of expertise to the table in all areas of launching a new company or a new division of a company for the greatest impact and ROI. Learn more...


If your company is launching a new product or service, in order to get the most out of your launch, you need to ensure you have everything in place. There are hundreds of moving parts. From influencer outreach, affiliate management, PR, social, viral, online, off-line, media, and on and on... There's enough to make your head spin. Believe me.

The best way to keep your sanity is to hire an expert who has been through the trenches and can lead you through a successful product launch. Learn more...


Need a pre-launch? Pre-launch marketing services and consulting also available to direct sales and network marketing companies. See launch page above for details.

Next, claim your...


"Rob is the 3rd best copywriter in the history of copywriting. Joking aside, I went through a very rigorous and detailed hiring process after reaching out to my entire network (which is significant in our industry)…

We hired Rob. He is a breeze to work with, his copy gets people engaged and to take action. Ask Rob for my contact info and feel free to call me so I can rave more about him and your specific needs. I consider Rob not only our copywriter, I also consider him a trusted asset in our industry."

-- David Gonzalez, Founder of the world famous 'Internet Marketing Party' and 'Simply The Coolest'

"Rob is a tear-down-the-walls gorilla copywriter with power, punch, and speed like I haven't seen in decades.

The guy is hungry, smart, fast, and nice, too. I love his work and am constantly impressed by him. I predict we won't be able to afford him in one year."

-- Joe Vitale, author of way too many books to list here, including "The Attractor Factor" and "Hypnotic Writing".

"I'm not easily impressed by so-called "copywriters" because I write my own sales letters that can be considered "killer sales letters". Well, that is what I used to think until I met you...

I wanted to let you know that it's been a great pleasure to work with you during this past three weeks! You're professional, friendly, and a great friend too.

It's been completely amazing seeing the results of the new auto-responder series and sales letters you created for me (not to mention very profitable). Your writing literally made me want to buy my OWN product! Sounds crazy, but it's true!

I highly recommend you to anyone who wants to EXPLODE his/her sales significantly.

From now on, I will no doubt outsource and leave the writing to someone who really writes killer sales letters and knows about his field -- YOU! I'm Looking forward to working with you again in the very near future!

--Bob Bastian, Internet Marketer & Product Developer

"I worked as the assigned Customer Success Manager for Act-On Software for a company that Rob was product launching. It was an amazing product line of total health and nutrition supplements. Act-On is a fairly robust marketing automation product and Rob had a very tight deadline to meet.

We met many times over the next 45 days, during all hours day and night and even on the weekends to ensure the product launch would meet his clients requested time period.

The product launch was successful and on-time! I am sure Rob was probably thoroughly exhausted by the end of it, but he never once complained, and was always upbeat and completely positive.

I can't tell you enough what a great guy he is to get to work with. I would jump at the chance to get to work alongside him again.

There is not a doubt in my mind that whatever project Rob aligns himself with will be a hugely successful venture. Success follows those who strive to make a difference. Rob is one of those individuals."

-- J.P. Niemann, Senior Sales Engineer at Act-On Software, Inc.

"Rob is clearly an out of the box thinker. He can provide standard solutions with ease but can also deliver so attention grabbing, action taking copy that can dramatically improve results.

I recommend Rob to wake up your prospects, grab their imaginations and get them to reach for their wallets for you."

-- Dan Swanson, Marketing Consultant

"I’ve worked with Rob personally and have seen him do his magic in a half a dozen launches. He’s one of, if not the hardest working marketers and copywriters I know. (And I’ve been marketing myself for 20+ years.) When my wife and I decided to launch our own product on Amazon, Rob was the first person I went to - and I’m glad we did!

Using his suggested copywriting tweaks a year ago, we experienced a massive increase in sales for our Amazon product that continue to this day. We’re ranking for many keywords we would have never come up with that are BUYER keywords. If you’ll looking for a true Amazon copywriting wordsmith or a copywriter to sell any of your products, Rob needs to be your first call!

-- Ken Hammond, Marketing Maverick & yoga product business owner

"I worked with Rob from start to finish launching a brand new product on Amazon. From product research, to copywriting, to us making the product a multiple #1 best-seller, it was a blast working with Rob. He not only wrote all the copy for the Amazon listing, but he also wrote the copy for our product website and helped manage the Facebook marketing we did to have an uber-successful launch. I’d highly recommend hiring Rob to write the copy for ALL of your Amazon listings. He knows the game better than anyone I know!"

-- KC Frank, #1 Amazon Best-Selling Product Owner

"If you are in need of copywriting, Rob comes highly recommended. You'll get a professionally written sales piece that can definitely increase your conversion rates and that's money in the bank.

Your new copy will pay for itself over and over again with the increased results. Not only will you receive professionally written copy, but Rob will also work with you to make the changes you need as well as suggest improvements that you probably never even thought of.

A wise investment for your business and highly recommended!"

-- David Christopher Ray, Internet Marketer & Product Developer

"Robert's work was head and shoulders above everyone else's. I had the bar set pretty high when he started. His copywriting blew me away! You can tell with one read that this is gonna CONVERT!?!

I'm super excited to put the new copy on Amazon! I will hire Robert again as soon as we launch another product."

-- Mike C. (Owner of several #1 best-selling nutritional products on Amazon)

"This is my 2nd copywriting job so far with Robert. His copy is outstanding! Lot of research and thought put into the overall flow and purchasing behavior of customers.

Not only is it well-written, but it's obviously written to make serious sales! Awesome job once again :)"

-- Mike C. (Owner of several #1 best-selling nutritional products on Amazon)

"I know Rob better than anyone else because I'm his ex-wife. I have not only seen how hard he works with his clients, but I have my own results to share as well!

Rob wrote all of the copy for a product that I was selling online that lead to me being featured in Health Magazine, Disney, and my product being featured on a reality TV show.

In addition, he has been my 'secret weapon' behind another one of my businesses which enabled me to go from zero to ranked #4 our of over 350,000 distributors in my company.

If you don't hurry up and hire him, I'll beat you to it for my next product!"

-- Rob's ex-wife, Kristin


Being a superhero is no easy job. In between keeping the world safe for my son, I've been saving companies from poor marketing for over a decade.

Although I've been writing marketing copy professionally since 2003, my Internet marketing background dates back to 1999. From patenting new business models to generating 7-figures in sales in just 24 hours, I've battled many evil villains to protect and serve many clients.

Whether you need copywriting services, salesletters, direct mail pieces, local marketing, or you're about to launch the next killer product, it is my mission to serve and produce excellent results.

Are you ready to explode your sales and create a windfall of profits for your business?

© Robert Hawthorne  2003 – 2018

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