Very quick update from Las Vegas

Robert HawthorneVery quick post before I head into my next meeting…. The past few days have been a whirlwind of events and meetings here in Las Vegas and I had a great time speaking on stage multiple times.  Everything went great, my NDA is finally lifted to freely talk about the new company, and that’s exactly what I’m about to do.

Tomorrow I’m recording a webinar with my upline and the VP of sales to fully disclose everything about the company.  I will be sending out an email to everyone tomorrow evening with the link.  The webinar will be recorded so you can access it anytime and of course share it with everyone you know.

I’m sorry I do not have time to share everything right now – we are in absolute “crank mode” – meaning we’re going 1,000 miles an hour preparing for the prelaunch on August 1st.  I’m WAY behind on emails and calls.  For those who have contacted me, I will be getting caught up as I can tomorrow and the next day.  Thanks for understanding.

MUCH more soon.  Thanks!

PS – The name of the new network marketing company will be shared via email in about 5 minutes.


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