The Pre-Build, Prelaunch, and Post-launch Game Plan

I’ve received a few emails over the last week or so asking what the overall game plan is.  Here you go:

Pre-build your businesses in July

As of this writing, just a couple of weeks left!  I know that this is a new method to building a business for many of you.  You typically do not know about a prelaunch until a company is actually in prelaunch.  And to have the chance to join on day one?  Extremely rare.  You usually have to know the right people or be just at the right place at the right time.   But not here.  You are in the know and I hope that you realize what a unique opportunity this is.

During this phase, you will want to want to share the videos on this site and/or talk to people to gage interest whether or not if August 1st will be a good time for them to take a look at a serious business opportunity.  You’ll also want to find out if they can make it out to Las Vegas for the “Big Reveal” where we will disclose everything to the public for the very first time.  For further information and registration information, please refer to my previous blog post.

Now of course you’ll get some friends, family, and coworkers tell you no or say something else that is rude, upsetting, or just uneducated. Move on.  You don’t have time to argue or try to combat their own reasons why they are not open right now.  There are millions of people who you can reach out to.  Do not let a single no or 1,000 no’s slow you down.  Ever.  Remember, they are never saying no to you, they are saying no to the fact that it is not the right timing or a new business in general… or who knows whatever else.  It doesn’t matter. You are on a mission – and THAT is what you should care about – not what other people may or may not think.  It doesn’t matter.

August – Prelaunch

mlm prelaunch companiesRUN.  We have 31 days to pre-build our businesses with like-minded people.  Ideally you want to have as many people as you can enroll the very first day that you enroll into the prelaunch.  This is where the magic happens.  Because this prelaunch will be viral in nature and driven by social media marketing – everyone has the opportunity to pre-build a nice-sized organization during the prelaunch.

Whether your goal is to earn enough to get your products covered each month, earn enough to create a respectable part-time income, or you are the go-getter type on a serious mission and you will be pushing hard to create a full-time income right out of the gates.  Whatever your goals are, they can be accomplished.  It all comes down to your mindset and how much you are willing to work to turn your dreams and goals for your own home-based business a reality.

As far as the action steps, I don’t want to duplicate everything I said in my MLM Prelaunch Manifesto book here – I literally put everything into that book.  So to save time (and believe me – I am VERY limited on time because I am pre-building as fast as I can while managing the prelaunch!) I’ll just say to please refer to the book for a full game plan and details.

The Upgrade Period: September 1 – September 5/7

You and everyone on your team will choose your kit during the upgrade period.  To become an active distributor, there will be several packages to choose from ranging from $50 to $1,000.  You will then select your monthly auto-ship.  Next, you will want to contact each and every single person that you personally enrolled during this time to ensure that they are enrolling into the business with you.  They enroll and the process repeats itself throughout your organization.

Upon your order, your distributor kit and products will be mailed to you.  You’ll LOVE the distributor kit.  It’s 100% custom designed and there is not another kit like it in the Network Marketing industry.  Once your kit arrives, go through everything.  Also begin taking the products and document where you are now and every few days over the next month or so.  There will be some products that you will feel relatively quickly, such as the active lifestyle product line when it comes to recovery from your workout.  Other products that provide increased energy, focus, etc. (especially if you or your child has ADD) will take longer to begin noticing the difference.  Figure the average is about 30 days on that side.  Some more, some less.  There’s a lot more I can do into the products, but will save that for when we go into prelaunch.

Prelaunch Numbers…

Now here’s something some people/companies will never tell you prior to a launch.  Why am I telling you?  Because I’m going into business with many of you and you need to know the numbers!  There’s nothing to hide now or ever – and I do not want you to have unrealistic expectations.

For those with LARGE organizations built during the prelaunch, keep in mind that 100% of the people in your business will not join.  Not even 90%.  Not even 50%.  Not even 20%.  Why?  Became people’s timing changes.  They may have joined the prelaunch on one day, but when it comes time to upgrade, they may have a new job, they are moving, or something else is going on in their life that distracted them.  That’s OK.  After all, it is 100% free to enroll, so you’ll get some of tire kickers jumping in to see what this is all about.  Some will come back down the road.  Others will not.  Don’t worry about that and move on.

Just keep in mind that I created this prelaunch to be run much differently than what you may have seen in the industry over the past 10+ years.  There is zero hype, yet we have the ‘sizzle’ that professionals search for.  There is excitement, but it is not over the top offering wild claims and fast cash.  We could have a field day with this business if we marketed with hype and enroll well over 100,000 people into this prelaunch.  We’d get each and every single business opportunity junkie out there seeking their next fix for their business opportunity addiction.  Not who we want here…

So what is the average?  The average is about 14% overall for larger organizations.  Remember, this is for your entire organization – not personally enrolled.  Those with smaller organizations will often have a much higher conversion rate.  There are so many factors that go into these numbers.  Please don’t get caught up in them.  Just keep your head down and focus on enrolling as many like-minded people as you possibly can and work with those who you personally enroll who are taking action during the prelaunch.  And know that if you follow the systems outlined in my book and teach the simple system to others, you may even beat the overall averages.

Will we have a higher conversation rate overall for the company prelaunch and launch?  I think so – in fact, it is VERY much my goal to set many records with this prelaunch.  I have created several brand new (never-before-done in network marketing) systems for the company that will help boost conversion rates for everyone involved following the pre-launch.  So build, build, and build like crazy in August.  This is your ONE time ever to pre-build your business with this company in the USA.  You have a real, solid, amazing opportunity to build a foundation for your business that otherwise could take you months, even years to build.  And you have the opportunity to crunch all that time into just 30 days.

Although it is often tempting to go into that whole, “Imagine if you were one of the first in Herbalife, Starbucks, Apple, Facebook, etc.” but people ring that bell with every single prelaunch out there.  I prefer to zig while the rest of the industry zags.  You’ll soon see what I mean when the prelaunch launches.

Solidify Your Foundation (Sept – Nov)

Upon upgrading, you will want to both solidify your newly built team and then build towards the live company event (date to be disclosed post-launch).  The company will be hosting a HUGE multi-day event in November.  You will not want to miss this and you will want to be 100% sure that everyone that you personally enrolled attends this event.

Between September the end of October, you will want to work with those you personally enrolled and help them build their organizations and customers quickly.  The reason why is because you want them to achieve the highest pin title as they can prior to the event so they can be recognized on stage for their achievements.

Company events is where the magic happens in network marketing.  Do anything and everything to get there – and be sure your team does the same.  I don’t mean to sound hard or pushy here at all, but your business will have massive growth if you are able to get as many of your team members to the event in November.

The company has been working on this event for the past few months.  It will be filled with amazing speakers, training, and many amazing surprises for those who attend.  The excitement and energy at these events cannot be replicated and is transferred into massive energy and action in your team following the event.  Again, location and details will be provided by the company when we are live in September.

January, 2014- BIG Push And 90-Day Run

I’ll be in Las Vegas in December for six action-packed heavy-hitting days network marketing training.  You can learn about the two events that I’ll be attending in this network marketing blog post.  At the event, I’ll be mapping out our 90-day action plan and training that will be released on January 1, 2014.

During this 90-day period, we will all be following a 100% proven method to explode our network marketing businesses.  Be sure to watch the video on the above mlm blog post to learn what is possible.  January, February, and March 2014 will be VERY big months for you and your team.  Let’s work together to create large part-time and even full-time incomes for you and your team members.  I cannot wait for this – this is going to be FUN!

April/May 2014 – Live Event in Houston, TX?  Where?

I got a chance to speak to Eric Worre, author of the best-selling network marketing training book, “Go Pro” on the phone a couple weeks back.  Great guy.  He’s doing so many positive things for this industry, my hat is off to him.  (He’s the one hosting the two live events I’ll be attending in December in Las Vegas.)  Anyway, I spoke to him about the possibility of hosting an elite, private training event here in Houston spring, 2014 for my team.  I got some of the needed details and will be sharing additional information about this private training weekend in early 2014.

The actual dates will depending on many factors, including dates of company-sponsored training events, meetings happening around the country that I’ll be speaking at, etc.  I’m really excited about this because I know what the results will be for those who attend this private event.  And as far as the location, I’m thinking Houston, TX right now, but maybe in January we can all brainstorm a location and even vote on it.  I’m totally open.  Ideally I’d like a central US location or a location that is easy to get to and inexpensive for everyone around the country.  Again, more details January, 2014.

And by the way – I’m constantly biting my tongue because there are several other books that I HIGHLY suggest people read — they are written by my upline.  But, because I cannot disclose his/her name yet, I have to keep quiet.  But believe me, the day I can talk, I will!

2014 – Global Expansion

Sometime in 2014, we will learn about which country/countries that we will be launching into (months ahead of time).  I will be creating the pre-prelaunch, prelaunch, and launch for each and every country that we launch into.  I have already developed brand new plans for these prelaunches that will provide you and your team with amazing opportunities to build solid businesses around the world.

I’m not going to go into details here because I do not want to disclose what we will be doing to the public.  YES… We have some magic sauce here that will truly help you and your team grow massive organizations in every country that we launch into.

For leaders, many travel opportunities will be available.  My wife and I are VERY excited to spend time in other countries.  For example, when we launch in the UK, we’ll be there weeks prior to the beginning of the prelaunch.  (My upline will surely be joining us as well!)  As a side note, we spent Christmas and New Years in London and Paris a couple of years ago and loved it!  While there we said many times how fun it would be to stay just outside of London in a few areas that we found for a month or so.  Same for Paris and other areas we visited.  Well, I wrote that down as one of my goals back then and everything is shaping up to turn those goals into realities for us.

There’s SO MUCH to share about global expansion, plans, and how you can really get some serious leaders in other countries in your organization – without ever having to step foot outside your house.  Details will be discussed on our private team training website that will be launching post-launch.  (Yes, our team training website and all marketing tools, materials, calls, webinars, and so much more will be 100% free for you and your team.  My upline and I will never ever charge for any websites, tools, training, etc. that we create for you and your team.)

2013-2014 And Beyond: Giving Back To Our Communities

This is a BIG one for my wife and I as well as many people that I have talked to.  As mentioned in the videos, giving is such an important part of this company.  So much so that “giving” is in one of the company’s main tag lines.  We will be hosting many calls and webinars on this… but a few details…

The company will launch a product line on September 1, 2013 that is fully commissionable.  It’s to feed hungry children in America – and even in your own town/city.  The company will have amazing meal packs for kids (that contains our products) as well as backpack programs.

You can go to your local schools, churches, food banks, etc. and work together with your local team to raise money (one-time or even recurring) to feed hungry kids in your area.  There will be countless opportunities to do things locally, regionally, and nationally.  Unlike many programs like this, you will be able to SEE the results of your efforts.  We will be sharing a lot more information on this right after the prelaunch.  For me, I have aggressive goals on how much I want to personally give back to kids in the Houston, TX area as well as kids in my home state, New Hampshire.

My wife and I look forward to starting our own groups of like-minded people in Houston, TX to raise money, host events, and do all sorts of fun team-building activities to help feed hungry children on an on-going basis here.  We’re excited to have our son (who will be 4 soon) involved and helping as well.  There are a lot of wonderful lessons that we’ll be able to teach him and want to teach him ‘giving back’ and donating his time to help those less fortunate early on.  I personally feel strongly about this and my wife and I are very excited about all the possibilities here.  We can all make REAL differences in the lives of children who need help and need food.  How powerful is that?

Big Plans 2014… And Decades To Come

My upline and I have been planning massive things to help you and your team build true legacies for your family.  There’s a lot to do and set up, and I’ll admit our plans are BIG and aggressive.  However, we are not here to play small.  We are here to impact the lives of millions and millions of people through the business opportunity and especially the products and charitable programs.  (The company will be launching with a half a dozen charities.)

The bottom line is that we are not treating this business as a hobby.  And it goes beyond treating this business as a business.  We are treating this business as our life.  It’s who we are each and every single day.  And this will make a lot more sense to you once you, your family, and kids are taking the products.  Believe me.

My schedule is CRAZY over the next couple of weeks leading to the live event in Las Vegas.  If you can make it to Las Vegas, we’d love to meet you and see you there!

I’m off to run out right now with our son for some daddy-son time and to buy him a new Buzz Lightyear at Toys R Us he has been eyeing for a long time.  He’s beyond excited that the day has finally come.  :)  And I’m beyond excited to spend time with my little buddy today before my upcoming trips.

Thanks for reading and most importantly – thank you trusting in me over the last several months about this new business opportunity that we’re preparing to launch.  I’ve put everything into this and I’m 100% confident that we are building a true long-term home for network marketing professionals.  Get ready to RUN come August 1st for 31 days…  You’ll be VERY glad you did.  :)


  1. Scott says

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for writing this game plan blog post. It has been a really great 24 days of Prelaunch. I have spoken to some people that are really excited about this company.

    The events, training, and launches planned in the upcoming months and the first quarter of 2014 sound amazing! Can you say explosive growth!

    I’ve got to say that the game plan looks really solid. Happy to be a part of your team. Ready to take it to the next level and beyond.

    Scott Singleton
    Baltimore, MD

  2. says

    Thanks Scott! Yes, things are heating up and as we know, this is nothing compared to what will happen once everyone is on the products. GAME ON! So great to be working with you – let me know if I can be of any assistance!

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