Do Not Join The Upcoming Prelaunch If…

WARNING: Do not join the upcoming prelaunch on August 1st if you suffer from any of the following 10 conditions:

1. You have a habit of jumping into one company to the next looking for an easy way out with a hope and prayer that you’ll strike it rich. The lottery mentality does not serve you or anyone you bring into the business well.

2. You’re not willing to invest time into building your business. Whether you plan on working the prelaunch 8 hours a day or 30 minutes a day, it takes consistent effort to see some (or a lot of) success. The business only “builds itself” during a prelaunch once you have established a solid foundation of like-minded people with good work ethics.

3. You tend to let the winds of change control your destiny. Not having solid goals and a strong “why” written down will make it too easy to quit after you get a few no’s or some other roadblock falls onto your path. You have to know exactly where you want to go – and why – in order to make progress, stick to it, and eventually get there.

4. You invest more time into the latest reality tv show than you do into yourself. Personal development is the core of network marketing. It’s how you will become the person you’ve always wanted to be, have everything you’ve always wanted to have, and get to where you’ve always wanted to go.

5. Your skin is too thin: Many people have negative people in their lives. People (even close to you) may say you can’t do it. They will put you and/or the business down. They will say all sorts of things to try and derail you from your path to freedom. If your skin is too thin and you are not 100% committed to achieving your goals, you’ll end up believing them and go right back to who you have always been.

6. You have no sense of urgency. This prelaunch is only 31 days. For some of you, this prelaunch will forever change your life for the better. The higher your sense of urgency in your business, the more success you will enjoy. Those who move too slow will miss the train leaving the station on September 1st.

7. You’re unwilling to get uncomfortable. Continue doing what you’ve always done and you will continue to get the same results. Push yourself to pick up the phone, talk to people around you, and model what leaders in the industry have done to build empires. You can either stay “comfortable” on the sidelines as a spectator, or you can get in the game with us as a player. Who do you think is paid much, much more, spectators or those active in the game?

8. The door to your mind is shut. Those who do not have an open mind about a new business and proven product lines will pass on this – and any other legit opportunity. They let their past experiences and failures shape their current reality – instead of using their past experiences as lessons and rocket fuel to propel them forward.

9. You fail to plan. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. You need to create a plan for your business over the next 30, 60, and 90 days. Without a map to follow, how does one truly know where they are going? In the network marketing industry, unlike the corporate world, you have the unique and amazing opportunity to create your own map and plan. Your own agenda. Your own path to freedom. Wake up. If you have been working for someone else, you have been working someone else’s plan and following their map. It’s time to create your own and go for it.

10. You let fear drive you. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of talking to people. Fear of talking on the phone. Fear or public speaking. Fear of change. Fear or what others will think of you. All of these fears are made up in your mind. Free your mind and the rest will follow. Fear can be turned into a driving force instead of deliberating one. It all comes down to the thoughts you allow yourself to think.

Get ready. August 1st is coming soon. You still have time to make the needed adjustments to put you on the path to freedom. It all comes down to you. Get out of your own way!


  1. Teddy W. Sanders says

    The first time I spoke to you I said to you then, that I cancelled the only Auto Ship I had with a company, looking forward to this opportunity. Robert I know what to do. Keep me up to date and send me the info to JOIN the pre-launch as I will sign up on Sept. 1st also.


  2. darryl says

    Seriously Rob, I’m looking forward to it. This sounds like it could definitely be a breath of fresh air to the industry as a whole. I’m looking forward to hearing more about it after “The Big Reveal” and getting started on Aug 1.

    Not to say I haven’t already gotten started…

  3. Chuck says

    Can’t wait Robert! This is exactly what I have been looking for and my why has given me a purpose driven desire. I have been excited since reading your book. But since I talked to you, I have looked forward to working with you, and will hit the ground running on day 1!

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